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 Metal Mirror - III (2014) Album Review

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Metal Mirror - III (2014) Album Review Empty
PostMetal Mirror - III (2014) Album Review

Metal Mirror - III (2014) Album Review Iii_co10

Metal Mirror - III (2014)
High Roller Records -- Running Time - 72:45


Metal Mirror's story is a long, but I suspect fairly familiar one to many of you. Formed in Middlesex (My neck of the woods when I was younger), England in 1979, at the height of the NWOBHM movement, they released the 'Rock an' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Leave Us' 7" Vinyl single, which was regarded as a fabulous release and the original single still sells for huge amounts on the internet.

In 1979, I was only 11 and had yet to discover NWOBHM, so other than a cursory mention in the early 80's I never heard anything by Metal Mirror and by then they had split up so their name, to me at any rate, passed into the ether of forgotten bands. Now, this is why I love my reviewing job so much. When Pure Steel Records sent their back catalogue of releases to us here at Brutiful last year, which included all of their subsidiary labels, Metal Mirror's name rang a bell to me but I couldn't remember why. Apparently High Roller Records had released a couple of Live limited edition vinyl albums (Metal Mirror I & II) and these had sold out. Fans then started getting in touch with vocalist Cameron Vegas asking if a CD version of the live tracks was going to be made available. To cut a long story short, while loads of old tapes were being searched through for bonus material the original studio masters of all the band's recorded music were found! These had been thought long lost so everyone was extremely happy!

High Roller took the Master tapes, remastered them and here we now have 'Metal Mirror III'. Every single track that the band recorded between 1979-1982 is present and correct! Listening to these now and obviously for me the first time I have heard anything by the band, it's clear to see why there was plenty of talk about them briefly in the late 1970's. This is fifteen tracks of pure NWOBHM mixed with a heap of Heavy Rock 'n' Roll. There is a Motorhead meets Saxon vibe on most tracks and it's superb. What's also very apparent is that this band was eager, fresh, committed and brimming with energy when these were recorded. High Roller Records have indeed done a brilliant job re-mastering the tracks but they aren't over produced at all. This is as real as it gets and it's such a joy to hear after the mountains of albums I get that are so glossy and full of tricks that you wonder if the band actually turned up to play anything when recording them!

If I had been 3-4 years younger, then I would have been all over Metal Mirror like a rash when they were first around, especially considering Saxon are still my favourite band. Of, course there were plenty of bands around over that period of time that get viewed on upon with rose tinted glasses and not all of them deserve it. but I'm very pleased to say Metal Mirror are not one of those bands. This is pure, honest Rock & Metal, it's well played, the songs are strong, vocals, riffs and soloing are top notch and I could listen to it again and again!

If you are big on NWOBHM and Motorhead's style of Rock N Roll (don't listen to anyone that tells you Motorhead are a Metal band because they aren't) then you will adore 'Metal Mirror III' and it's a must buy. Likewise, if you are a more modern day Metal fan, but fancy taking a chance on something from days gone by then you won't go wrong with this. What's more exciting is that it appears Metal Mirror are now back together again and planning a new album. If this collection of tracks is anything to go by it is one reformation that I'm really looking forward to!

Metal Mirror - III (2014) Album Review Promo_18

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Metal Mirror - III (2014) Album Review

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