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 Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review

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Reign In Metal
Reign In Metal

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Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review Empty
PostVermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review

Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review Vermit10

Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013)
Revoltage Media Group / Innervenus Music Collective -- Running Time 25.00


If you are old enough to cast your mind back to 1981 you might remember the movie Dragonslayer. You might also recall that one of the dragon characters was called Vermithrax and that is the brilliant name that this five piece US Thrash Band, based in Pittsburgh, have decided to use. I was 13 at the time, loved the movie and was just starting to discover Heavy Metal so seeing this has brought back some nice memories!

Vol.1 appears to be a collection of five tracks (although I have seen earlier reviews quoting just three) that is freely available from the Vermithrax Facebook and Reverbnation pages (there are also live tracks available as well) so you really have no excuse not to check out what this lot have to offer, especially if you are a fan of Iced Earth, Nevermore, Testament, Sanctuary and Metal Church. This is most certainly Thrash but it's a slightly more 'reserved' (if you can possibly use that word to describe it), progressive Thrash and it is damned fine indeed.

All five members have been in named bands previously such as Icarus Witch, Arsis, Nunslaughter, Reading Zero and Mercenary (US), so you know they've got the required chops to pull this off well and they do. Production is great, with the bass coming through like a mighty beast, guitar work is big, meaty and the solos beautiful, vocals are brutal but full of melody and the drums more than give you the knockout punch you need when listening to Thrash of any sorts.

'Extinction-Event' (even the name evokes Sanctuary) is the first track I have here and it's a blinder. There's no messing around, Vermithrax go for the throat and breathe fire with the best of them. 'Final Feast' is also a stormer. As for the other three tracks 'The Summoning', 'Architect Of Fear' and Submersus...well they are all excellent but for some reason those three all cut off at the four minute mark which is a bit of a shame and I'm assuming a glitch in the downloads. Hopefully it can be fixed. Regardless of that you really need to check out Vermithrax, who are currently working on a full length debut. If this EP is anything to go by then that is going to be well worth your time and money indeed!

Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review Vermit11

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review :: Comments

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Vermithrax - Vol.1 EP (2013) Review

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