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 NIGHT OF BRUTALITY 9 (LIVE REVIEW) -- *November 29th 2013

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NIGHT OF BRUTALITY 9 (LIVE REVIEW) -- *November 29th 2013 Empty
PostNIGHT OF BRUTALITY 9 (LIVE REVIEW) -- *November 29th 2013

NIGHT OF BRUTALITY 9 (LIVE REVIEW) -- *November 29th 2013 Nob_9_10

November 29th 2013 - The Boston Arms Music Room – Tufnell Park, London

Plague Promotion’s Nights of Brutality are one of the finest examples of live death core I’ve found in the capital. Tonight was the 9th instalment, featuring Bound by Exile, Acrania and Black tongue as headliners. An unassuming flier written in blue sharpie and stuck to the smoking area door provided the advertisement at the venue, it seemed to work- the place was nearly full and the modesty of the flier was far outweighed by the awesome night of music that befell later that evening.

To some the idea of a full day of deathcore starting at 3pm with back to back slamming bands might seem a bit much, and to some present it was- along with the usual dislocated limbs and heatstroke victims the night bore witness to a young man get injured below the belt with keys in his pocket (I’ll let you do the mental maths of what happened to him) … he went home.

To be honest the daytime slots saw some run-of-the-mill deathcore bands, usually scattered with one or two outstanding members that would be soon be plucked by other outstanding members, scattered in other bands. In some ways this daytime lull was the perfect breeding ground for new bands; for an avid fan of the scene it was a platform from which to predict where London deathcore was going, some saw it as an opportunity to get fried chicken across the road. One mid-afternoon band dedicated a song to Ian Watkins, a less than funny gesture that made me cringe inside and wonder what drivel I’d have to sit through next. To my delight it was some fucking good music.

Ignite the Sky were fresh off playing Techfest in Croydon so I was surprised to see them so low on the bill here (5:50 slot, 25 minutes long) but they did well- they got some people moving, played some good tracks and it sounded like the vocalist blew out a vocal cord a little – enough to put a smile on any weary metaller’s face. The really good stuff didn’t kick in until much later. Katalyst gave a tight, well-rehearsed set to kick off the evening bands; Vindicated followed them with a great vocalist, a good following and a round of drinks for anyone making notes on the gig- very cheeky. Kudos to Beneath the Tide - they looked good, they sounded good, they brought a crowd- true some members of this crowd were overdone, half undressed, overexcited teenage girls who looked like they’d never been allowed out before but let’s not hold that against them, much.

I enjoyed Bound by Exile an embarrassing amount. They were great. Their vocalist was insane- one of the best of the night, if not the best. I hold my hands up to having a grin on my face when watching them. I went home and bought their album. I even went in the pit. I was a little flattered when the lead singer bought me a drink. I was a little horrified when my friend told me he was only 18. I’m not 18. I haven’t been for some time. Still… ruddy good band.

Moving on… It’s a good thing I wore boots that night or Acrania would have knocked my socks clean off. While waiting for them to come on stage I heard some distressing rumours about them- I heard that they were one of the hybrid bands we saw forming earlier in the day, made up of the strongest egos that county could offer. I heard that they had bought Facebook likes to secure a gig over the summer. I went into that set prepared to see a group of egotistical frauds. As soon as Acrania started playing I realised one vital thing “I don’t care”. Musical history is littered with egos, if they can all fit on one stage kudos to them! And as for the buying likes thing? 90% of the time that’s bullshit, and on this occasion it was - it’s totally not true. They’re a great band, they’re great live- I got lost between their luscious locks and blistering guitars and I urge you to do the same. My notes from the gig literally read “Tightest band of the night, great crowd, WANT!” – need I say more?

Lastly it was up to Black Tongue to send us home all bruised and battered and boy did they deliver on that! With more casualties of any other band that night they definitely earned their headline slot. Subdrop after subdrop, scream after scream, solo after breakdown after blastbeat after solo. Otherwise known as the sounds of happiness… to a metalhead anyway. This was one of their many tour dates for 2013, if they’re coming to a town near you this year get down there asap- not one to miss.

So all in all a good night, a rocky start- partly down to lack of beer, partly down to lack of crowd but as the night grew older this was all forgotten and a great night ensued. If you missed this one you really did miss out and could consider yourself a social pariah for the rest of your days. Or you could go to the next gig. Plague Promotion are offering up Night of Brutality 10 on 31st January (same time same place)- headliners Malevolence are set to tear up the stage and set the capital a flame- do not miss.


· Confront the Carnage
· Chasing Immortality
· Descent from Aten
· Accursed Kingdom
· Ignite the Sky
· Hymn for the Fallen
· Katalyst
· Vindicated
· Beneath the Tide
· Trenchhead
· Bound by Exile
· Acrania
· Black Tongue

Plague Promoions

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by: Metal Girl In London (Gabi Huckins-Tertiuk)

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NIGHT OF BRUTALITY 9 (LIVE REVIEW) -- *November 29th 2013 :: Comments

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NIGHT OF BRUTALITY 9 (LIVE REVIEW) -- *November 29th 2013

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