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 Brutiful Metal Fest 2012 Review

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Brutiful Metal Fest 2012 Review 1st_fe10

Brutiful Metal Fest 2012

It started with a dream, to bring metal to an area pretty much devoid of metal and give unsigned bands a fest of their own. Then it happened...three days of some of the best underground bands coming together in unity to do what what they do best! What an incredible time! Bands from as far east as New York City and as far west as west Texas brought their unique styles together in one place to throwdown a full-on metal onslaught. It was exhausting, loud, and of course had technical problems but that's what makes for a great experience.

June 15th, 2012

The first days show started off with some p.a. issues which eventually got resolved. The first band of the day was All I lost from Florida which had to play earlier than expected due to health issues of a family member. Unfortuanately I missed this band, but from what I was told, they absolutely killed it! Hats off to you guys for still showing up and doing your set! Second on the day was Death Before Dying and damn these guys are awesome live! They reminded me alot of Slayer, very heavy with alot of groove riffing. Next was Another Texas Murder Scene from west Texas. Another great band that knows how to put on a live show. They have the "Texas Metal" sound of bands like Pantera, bluesy, groove riffing with aggressive vocals and a take no prisoners attitude! Fourth on the stage was Dalevilles own In Significance which shown the out of state bands what Alabama has to offer. Melodic, prog-fueled riffing with intensely tight performance made these homegrown boys shine. Fifth on the night was Entrenched Defilement from Louisiana and wow were they heavy! These guys gave everyone a lesson in how death metal is supposed to sound! They had a very impressive set, and very brutal as well! Last on the evening was Cryptorum from New York City. I was totally not expecting what this band had to offer! Very tight performance, heavy as fuck, and clean vocals that rival Rob Halford and Ripper Owens! This band demands respect and recieved it.

June 16th 2012

After an incredible show the night before, I didn't know how it could get any better but it did. Turnout on the second night wasn't great, but for those that did show up enjoyed a night of blasphemous metal. First up was In Significance playing for a second day, and was every bit as good as the previous night. Next was The Hackish from Florida, a three-piece demolition derby of death metal with a female vocalist and the most precise drummer ever...a drum machine! Third on the night was Another Texas Murder Scene playing for a second time. Again brutalized Texas style! These guys really throw down! Fourth up was Excessum from Mobile, Alabama. Really cool song structures, with some edgy riffing mixed with just a bit of hardcore. Also these guys are funny as fuck! Then came Faethom from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A five piece juggernaut of music that almost overwhelms the senses. Keyboard interludes mixed with shred style riffs and a thunderous rhythm section delivering the blasphemy very well. Last on the night was Necrotic Priapism from New Orleans, Louisiana. Being the headline act of the fest wasn't too tall of an order for this band as they completely lived up to their reputation of being balls-out drunken antitheists! Thanks to them, Alabama has gone from sheep fuckers to goat fuckers!

June 17th 2012

After two days of extreme metal, were we ready for a third? Hell yes was the answer! Cryptorum from New York took the stage first and had a great set again! They even did a cover from Halford called "Into the Pit" and fucking nailed it! These guys are a really awesome band! Second up was Aborning from Georgia, a two-piece outfit that utilized a computer controlled drum machine, bass and sound bites. Between songs, Josh from Aborning cracked some awesome jokes, but let me tell you these guys are brutal! After Aborning, Submit to Suffering from New York took the stage and fucking crucified the attendees with some brutal as fuck death metal! These guys THROW THE FUCK DOWN live...and if you get the chance to see them, do it. They finished their set with a love ballad called "Mustache Ride" which is sure to be a top forty hit one year. Fourth on the stage was Cranial Impalement from Tennessee whose vocalist was one low growling fucker! Excellent set, sickly brutal and another awesome act to check out. Their riffs are some that stay stuck in your head...very hook-laden, grooved brutality. Last on the show was Hate Ritual (my band) from here in Daleville, Alabama. We got up and jammed a few old Guttersludge tunes as we're still in the writing process and had to perform as a three-piece as we're still looking for members. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, and we had fun!

Overall, this fest was a fucking blast and as we told everyone from the get-go...this is the first and damned sure not the last! There were kinks to work out and that happened, crowd attendance was low, but not too bad being we had to change venues at the last minute. The bands that came had the oppotyunity to network and spread their sickness in Alabama, which, in my opinion will become a snowball effect. There wasn't any shitty bands on the bill, musically or otherwise. Thanks to all of the bands that came to destroy Daleville, to MVP's for having this devastation, the Brutiful Crew for putting together a killer line-up, and most of all the fans that did show up! Keep it brutal fuckers!

Here are links to the them some love!

All I Lost (FLA) ..
Death Before Dying (FLA) ..
Another Texas Murder Scene (TX) ..
In Significance (AL) ..
Entrenched Defilement (LA) ..
Cryptorum (NY) ..
The Hackish (FLA) ..
Necrotic Priapism (LA) ..
Hate Ritual (AL) ..
Cranial Impaliement (TN) ..
Submit To Suffering (NY) ..
Aborning (GA) ..

Bobby Weaver
July 4th, 2012

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Brutiful Metal Fest 2012 Review

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