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Reign In Metal
Reign In Metal

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Relapse Records -- Running Time: 36:45


Lord Dying are a four-piece metal band who hail from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2010, the band consist of Erik Olson (Guitar/Vocals), Don Capuano (Bass), Rob Shaffer (Drums), and Chris Evans (Guitar).

Sitting in the Sludge Metal genre, this four-piece released two EPs in quick succession (2011's "Lord Dying" and 2012's "Fall Tour"). In 2013 the band released its debut full length "Summon The Faithless" via Relapse Records, which was well received.

This year sees the Sludge/Doom Metal Lords pummel us again with more heavy riffs, as the band release highly anticipated second album "Poisoned Altars".

Released on January 27th 2015, also on the Relapse Records label, "Poisoned Altars" consists of 8 tracks which are spread over 36 minutes and 45 seconds. Like its predecessor, this album also contains striking cover artwork which I find just as important as the music itself. I've purchased many albums because of the artwork alone and have found the music contained within to be equally as good.

When I found out that this new album from Lord Dying had been released and was available in my promotional pool, I jumped at the chance to hear and review it. I really enjoyed 2013's "Summon The Faithless" and hope that "Poisoned Altars" will be of a similar level of quality, if not better.

Album opener and title track “Poisoned Altars” hits you immediately with brilliant riffs and pounding drums. Erik's vocals enter after 25 seconds and I instantly know that I’m going to enjoy this ... I can’t prevent myself from headbanging and am already having difficulty keeping my headphones on! The rhythm is relentless, the riffs pummel you into the ground with such power and heaviness.

The awesome riffage continues as the band launch straight into “The Clearing At The End Of The Path”. Again, there’s a good rhythm and pace, which isn’t too dissimilar to the previous track. Chris shows off his talent with some good guitar-play and solos throughout. This helps add variety to the endless amounts of riffs that threaten to snap my neck! He ends the track with some shredding guitars, thus setting you up for what follows ...

... More joyous riffs together with pounding drums from Rob introduce “A Wound Outside Of Time”, which then settles into a heavy, grooving main rhythm that is helped by Don’s good bass lines. Erik joins proceedings soon after with his familiar voice. This track consists of slight changes in pace in places but, overall, maintains a relatively similar speed and rhythm ... The strain on my neck is never-ending as Lord Dying put me through the paces of this rather short number (3:11 in length).

No sooner had the previous track ended when I’m hit by an onslaught of pounding riffs, signalling the opening section of “An Open Sore”. Featuring Aaron Beam of Red Fang, this is the second longest track on the album, clocking in at 6:02 and contains chorus sections that add melody and variety throughout, as do Aaron’s vocals. This is another heavy track with good rhythm and more excellent guitar-play from Chris.

The riffage and neck pain continues as “Offering Pain (And An Open Minded Center)” begins. Impressive drumming from Rob soon follows before things settle into a riff-infused rhythm as Erik’s vocals enter. There are changes in tempo/pace throughout and, once again, Chris puts on an excellent display of his talent with some good guitar solos during the second half.

Your progression through this album is then met with the excellently titled “Suckling At The Teat Of A She-Beast”. This track is faster-paced and has a kind of punk/thrash feel to it. Those heavy riffs are present and threaten to snap your neck in two. I really like the section between 2:25-3:06, which contains great guitar-play and solos from Chris that helps to break up the rhythm of the track a little, thus keeping things interesting.

I’m kept happy as more heavy riffs launch me into penultimate track “(All Hope Of A New Day) ... Extinguished”. At the 22 seconds point, you’re sent into uncontrolled bouts of headbanging as Lord Dying launch into rolling rhythmic riffs that pound the eardrums. Oh my, this track is heavy as f*#k and awesome! A change in tempo arrives at 2:55 together with some terrific guitar-play, before resuming its natural rhythm at 3:28. Brilliant stuff.

Before you realise it, time has brought you to the final track, “Darkness Remains”. At 6:53 in length, it’s the longest on the album and begins with pummelling drums and riffs that hit you square in the face. Erik’s vocals join in after 22 seconds and the band then proceed to pound you into oblivion one last time. The track consists of a good rhythm and pace, with the usual excellent guitar-play and solos. A good ending to a good album.

With “Poisoned Altars” Lord Dying have made an album which contains heavy, driving grooves with powerhouse drumming and bass lines from Rob and Don respectively. The guitar riffs literally pummel you into submission and the guitar-play/solos from Chris are first class throughout. Erik’s vocals contain a consistent blend of aggression and roughness that accompanies the other instruments well.

Lord Dying have made a good Sludge Metal record that is definitely a step up from debut album “Summon The Faithless “. “Poisoned Altars” is a good album and this is a sound that I’ve been really enjoying and appreciating in recent years. However, the music within this album does begin to sound a little repetitive after several listens. To be honest, I struggled to find the words to explain what I was hearing – Call it “writer's block” if you will. It’s a good album, but not one that I personally would listen to consistently.

This is an album that will appeal to fans of bands such as High On Fire, Red Fang, The Sword, and Black Tusk to name a few. It’s an album that shows a band with the talent and potential to grow and become one with its peers in the Sludge Metal genre. I await with anticipation for the next instalment from Lord Dying.

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Chris Palmer:

This review is the property of Chris Palmer and Brutiful Entertainment.
Copying any part of this review for your own use (unless you are the band and/or record label/PR company), is strictly prohibited.
Failure to comply, is considered "plagiarism" and you will be turned over to Google and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) for immediate take down!

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