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 Cold Snap - World War 3 (2015) Album Review

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PostCold Snap - World War 3 (2015) Album Review

Cold Snap - World War 3 (2015)
Eclipse Records -- Running Time: 44:55


When I reminisce or get nostalgic about Rock and Metal music, I'm usually thinking of the 1970's and 80's as they are the decades that painted my yellow brick road of discovery. I certainly do not think of the 90's or early 00's as a time for great music. Yes, there were many bands about but, we were inundated with Grunge and Nu-Metal and very few of those made any impact on my psyche at all! Pantera were a love, of course, and for some strange reason Clawfinger always grabbed my attention but for every one of those there were ten Korn's or Linkin Park's and to be honest they were about as interesting to me as watching paint dry!

What we've got here though, with Croatian band Cold Snap and their third album 'World War 3', is a slightly later dose of nostalgia mixed with a modern metal sound that I'm actually finding pretty enjoyable! A Groove/Nu-Metal band, what Cold Snap are actually trying to present themselves as is a unique sound, but it's only really original if your history of music starts in about 2003. That is the year when Cold Snap were formed, so they certainly aren't a new band and what they actually supply musically is a mix of Slipknot, Korn, Disturbed, early Machine Head and Clawfinger so it's certainly not original either, but what they lack in originality they somehow make up for in the quality of the hook and delivery of the song. No mean feat considering the bands I have mentioned as influences and the genres those bands inhabit!

Recently slimmed down to a four piece Cold Snap have produced a damn good album in 'World War 3' and I find myself returning to it more than I thought I would! If anything the second half of the album is more enjoyable than the first when Cold Snap abandon the slightly generic feel of tracks like opener 'Straight To Hell' and discover something much deeper and more intense 'My Emptiness' but you'll still find yourself heftily tapping your foot along to pretty much everything!

Vocalist Jan Kerekeš initially comes across as your standard modern screamer, but listen closely and you'll realise he offers a lot more than that, which for me is a definite plus! Guitarist Leo Friščić precisely scythes his way through the riffs using plenty of discordant sounds (again not usually a positive for me, but here it seems perfectly placed). Bassist Zoran Ernoić is heavy in the mix and his low end adds plenty of oomph to the sound and drummer Denis Roškarić seems extremely at home mixing up his timing and fills to keep you guessing as to what will happen next!

It's all a little weird really because most of what I'm saying about Cold Snap, including the over production, editing and electronica normally has me running for the nearest exit but there is something that I really like about this band. Perhaps as I get older and my yellow brick road of discovery lengthens I've become more embracing and receptive to styles of Metal that once felt distant and cold but I think it's something more than that as well, although placing my finger on exactly what that is remains a mystery for now! What I do know is that 'World War 3' packs a meaty punch and I will follow Cold Snap with interest!

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Cold Snap - World War 3 (2015) Album Review :: Comments

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Cold Snap - World War 3 (2015) Album Review

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