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 The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review

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The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review Empty
PostThe Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review

The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review Saevus10

The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015)
Unsigned -- Running Time: 13:11


'Saevus Umbra' is the debut EP from three piece band The Dutch Duke and if you love thumpingly heavy and speedy Rock 'N' Roll (that reads Motorhead) and a bit of Punk & NWOBHM attitude then you will also love them! Telling you that they are Dutch will come as no surprise as they sort of give that away in the band name and if by any chance you live in that neck of the woods and are a drummer then give them a shout because they are looking for one!

This EP contains four tracks and thirteen minutes of no bullshit music that isn't pretty but its damned good fun. If you are old enough, you might remember when Motorhead released the compilation album 'No Remorse' back in 1984 that included some new songs from a revamped lineup. I certainly remember that album being released and The Dutch Duke give me the same feeling I got when I listened to the new tracks 'Snaggletooth' and 'Locomotive' for the first time.
The title track, which translates from Latin as 'Fierce Shadow' kicks things off with a raging thunderstorm (so what if it's been used a hundred times before) and then the steamhammer double bass drumming kicks in and the EP does not let up for the short duration. 'Blooded Sights', 'No Mercy' and 'Dracula' follow in quick order and before you can shout 'Edam' then it's all over and you press play again!

Jari Bron (Guitars / Vocals) and Wouter van Doeveren (Bass / Vocals) plug lots of things in and turn them all up to eleven! Add in the drums of whoever might be playing them at the time and a bottle of something alcoholically strong and you're sorted for the evening, well you would be if this was longer! My only issue is that 'Saevus Umbra' is too short and I really am looking forward to The Dutch Duke releasing a full length album. I also hope that they manage to get over to the UK for some gigs too because I think that would be a great evening! This is very definitely a band to check out, just don't expect anything sophisticated!

The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review Promo_15

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The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review :: Comments

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The Dutch Duke - Saevus Umbra EP (2015) Review

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