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 Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review

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Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review Empty
PostKnock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review

Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review Rise_o10

Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015)
Rocksector Records / Raz White Entertainment
Running Time - 43:04


If you know me or read my reviews regularly then you'll be aware that one of the bands I follow and champion is Knock Out Kaine. I was introduced to them about six years ago by my mate Pete and since then have watched them grow in confidence and stature to become arguably the best Rock band in the Lincoln/Midlands region. When I started reviewing in 2012 one of the first albums I was given was Knock Out Kaine's fabulous debut 'House Of Sins' and I subsequently interviewed lead singer Dean Foxx. I'm very pleased to say I now know all of the band pretty well, you won't meet a nicer bunch of guys, and I'm even more proud to say that second album 'Rise Of The Electric Jester' isn't just a bigger and better album than their debut (not an easy thing to achieve) but it's a game changer. This album is easily the best thing I've heard so far in 2015 and if there is any justice left on this planet you should be hearing these songs on every damned radio station throughout the UK and further afield over the coming weeks and months!

You might also notice that the band have signed to Rocksector Records and that is going to be a match made in heaven for both parties. 'Jester' kicks off with a track that has been available for a while now as a free download '16 Grams Of Heart Attack' and it perfectly sets up a near 45 minutes of perfection (and includes a guest solo from Christian Brady of Hellyeah). Knock Out Kaine have managed to maintain the essence of what made their debut so good, think classic Skid Row, Steelheart and Motley Crue mixed with some southern soaked Blues Rock but have added a whole new level of texture to their songwriting which elevates these tracks right up there with anything those other bands produced back in the 1980's. Take my favourite track 'How Would I Know' which has the majestic sounds of Queen stamped all over it and sees Dean introducing the piano into the music. Dean has a unique voice that is influenced by many and also the ability to rock out big time or to sound more reflective and emotional. He is also a superb lyricist with each song on the album recounting an event or story that has occurred in his life!

Guitarist Jimmy Bohemian leaves no doubt he is an emerging talent on the six string, his riffs and solos abound with talent and energy. You also need to listen out for some great Mandolin and Hammond Organ playing which both add to the makeup of the songs. Danny Krash is as tight a drum head, which is just as well because he's the drummer! His playing is exemplary and he makes each and every track swing to the rafters. Last, but certainly not least, is bassist Lee Byrne who underpins everything with solid and uncomplicated playing that compliments the music perfectly. Only these four can make Knock Out Kaine what they are! It's also one of the catchiest albums I've heard in a long while. Normally if an album has two or three great choruses present it's a good result but every track here has a chorus to die for, including 'Boxes', which might throw some older fans at first because of its departure from the 'signature' sound, but it's actually an extremely clever song and proves Knock Out Kaine are not scared to try something completely different and end up with another winner! Look, I could sit here all day praising this and you would get thoroughly bored with me! You might also say I'm biased because I know the band and don't want to give them a subpar review. That of course would be utter bollocks because if they had released a stinker I would have been the first one to tell them.

Two plus years ago I ended my 'House Of Sins' review, which I scored an 8.5, with the following line "the only reason it’s getting the score below is because I think the next one is going to be even better!" Well, 'Rise Of The Electric Jester' is better but it's not a 9 better or a 9.5 better. There is only one score for this album and the name Knock Out Kaine is going to be spoken by a lot more people by the time this year runs its course because this is magnificent!

Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review Promo_33

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review :: Comments

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Knock Out Kaine - Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015) Album Review

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