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 Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review

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Reign In Metal

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Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review  Empty
PostInquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review

Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review  Walpur10

Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) Originally Released 1996
Hammerheart Records
Running Time - 51:10


During the 1990's Metal music was arguably at its lowest point. Grunge and then Nu-Metal ruled the roost (two genres that did nothing for me at all) and for a child of the late 70's and 80's it was a depressing time. There were good bands around, but apart from the handful of popular ones, such as Pantera, finding them was tough. I say all this because the album I have here, 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' was originally released in 1996 by Dutch Death/Thrashers Inquisitor and it was their one and only album, but until it landed in my e-mail I had never heard of them before. Had I had this album when it was first released the 1990's might have been slightly more bearable!

On first playing this two things struck me! Firstly 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' does not sound like an album recorded nearly twenty years ago, it sounds like it was made last week and secondly, Inquisitor are certainly not a pink and fluffy band! This is bestial, raw Death/Thrash Metal and vocalist Alex Wesdijk possesses one of the most unique voices I think I've ever heard. His malevolent low growls and demonic high pitched squeals & howls are certainly not going to appeal to everyone but it adds an intriguing flavour to what is actually a very good album. Guitar work is certainly more Death sounding than Thrash but Erik Sprooten's incisor like riffs and odd solos are impressive. Alex Bakker's bass work doesn't always seem that clear until you remember there is only one guitarist and then you realise you can actually hear him damn well and the velocity of Wim van der Valk's drumming is so quick that if his feet and hands powered a propeller whilst he played he would probably take off!

For once, I agree with all of the influences cited on the Press Release. Sadus. Dark Angel and early Kreator and Slayer. Their extremely chaotic way of playing and the briefness of several tracks also bring to mind a bit of Napalm Death. I imagine it was tough trying to promote this twenty years ago, especially coming from Holland and possessing very Anti-Christian lyrics, but now we have the internet and metal is a force to be reckoned with again. With that in mind it's the perfect time for Hammerheart Records to re-issue this to give the band and the listener a second chance. What's even more encouraging is that the original four members of Inquisitor, partly due to this being released, reformed last October and will be playing gigs and Festivals throughout 2015. I sure hope I get a chance to see them in the UK because I'll be down the front, thrashing to 'Damnation For The Holy', 'Chaos Of Eden', 'Jehovas Downfall' and 'Trial Of Denial' amongst others!

Not an easy listen by any means but 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' is definitely worth checking out if you are into Thrash & Death and discovering bands that might have passed you by back in a very barren era of Heavy Metal history!

Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review  Promo_31

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review :: Comments

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Inquisitor - 'Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust' (2014 Re-Issue) *Originally Released 1996* Album Review

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