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 Rabid Bitch Of The North - Defending Two Castles (3 Track Cassette) (2014) Review

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PostRabid Bitch Of The North - Defending Two Castles (3 Track Cassette) (2014) Review

Rabid Bitch Of The North - Defending Two Castles (3 Track Cassette) (2014)
Sarlacc Productions/ 'Rabid Kick In The Yer Not Very Rich Productions!'
Running Time 12:47


Rabid Bitch Of The North (I think I've met a couple of those) are the masters of self-promotion and it really is something more bands should pick up on. When I was at Bloodstock Festival in 2014 everywhere you went, and I mean EVERYWHERE, there were flyers advertising their upcoming set on the Jagermeister Stage. By the time they were due to play, on the fourth day, it was engrained on my brain to go and find out what this trio from Belfast were all about. I wasn't the only one as a fair sized crowd had gathered to watch them and they most certainly did not disappoint anyone! A few weeks later I contacted them on Facebook offering to review their latest release 'Defending Two Castles', a three track cassette no less, thinking I would get the mp3 files sent to me. Oh no, they asked for my address, and what I got was the most comprehensive Promotional Pack I've ever seen, including the cassette (Blood Red Edition), a CD version, their debut EP 'Outta The Kennel' (2010) on CD, T-Shirt, Patch and badges all sealed in a 'Danger, Infectious Heavy Metal Rabies' bag! Now, some people might say that they could be 'buying a review' but it was me that contacted them and to be fair, I'm not in this game for freebies, just to promote good bands and tell the truth but I thank them all the same!

So, the truth is, that this three track single is easily as good as the live performance they put on at the Festival. Rabid Bitch Of The North are a thunderous Classic Heavy Metal band with a twist, however, I'm not altogether sure what that twist is, they just sound different. Yes, there are gazillions of reference points in their music from Artillery to Warfare, with plenty of Maiden and Priest thrown in but in no way do they actually copy anyone, In fact the nearest analogy that I can come up with is that they are a Heavy Metal/Speed Metal version of Rush, right down to the high pitch singing of vocalist/bassist Joe McD, who sounds like a fired up, young Geddy Lee mixed with Metal Church & Reverend vocalist David Wayne (R.I.P.). He also plays a mean bass, and on a Rickenbacker, so in the studio and live it cuts through like a tank. Drummer Chris Condie is all over his drums like a rash, mixing up the tempos with vigour and guitarist Gerry Mulholland doesn't bother with flashy guitar solos, they are short and sweet and he concentrates more on shredding your insides with the riffs!

All three tracks 'Defending Two Castles', 'Sisyphus' and 'Us Against Them' are raw, uncompromising slabs of Metal by a band who love to have some fun and play great music. This needs to be played LOUD and you'll be headbanging by the time the opening riff of the first song has finished. Rabid Bitch Of The North (I do so love that name) will gig pretty much anywhere, they are supporting Angel Witch in March, so if you get the chance go and see them. I guarantee your ears will be ringing, your neck will be sore and you'll have more fun than John Holmes at an orgy! Brilliant!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Rabid Bitch Of The North - Defending Two Castles (3 Track Cassette) (2014) Review :: Comments

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Rabid Bitch Of The North - Defending Two Castles (3 Track Cassette) (2014) Review

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