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 Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review

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Reign In Metal

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Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review Empty
PostSoldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review

Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review Cathar10

Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014)
Metalbox Recordings/ADL Management
Running Time: 51:22


When Soldierfield released their debut EP 'Bury The Ones We Love' in 2012, I think it's fair to say a lot of people very much liked what they were hearing. It included five songs that managed to capture the traditional and modern styles of Metal and blend them superbly, as well as being full of hooks and fine performances! At the end of 2014 Soldierfield released their debut album 'Catharsis' (apologies to the band for not getting this review up sooner) and they have continued along that same blueprint but the full length is catchier, heavier and even more enjoyable.

Between them, the members of Soldierfield have serious experience in other bands and projects so you know, musically speaking, this is going to be played and sung very well. Vocalist Leigh Oates has a fantastic voice, with a touch of Russell Allen in his delivery, and if you know me then you know how much I love Russell Allen's voice. Leigh is hugely powerful with a great knack for emotion. Guitarists Andy Trott and Steve Wray have come to the studio armed with a superb collection of riffs and solos, bassist Mark Hampson thunders throughout and excellent drummer Jeff Singer holds everything together with great stick work! It's Soldierfield's songwriting ability that takes them to the next level though. Diversity of tempo, great arrangements that encompass in your face heaviness with cracking melody and enough hooks to make your local fisherman very happy!

Opening two tracks 'The Light' and 'Beautiful Lie' hit you like a trip hammer to the head but they are so catchy you'll be singing them after a couple of spins and 'Monochrome' reminds me of Ozzy with Zakk duelling it out with Adrenaline Mob and will have you banging your head quicker than Ron Jeremy on the set of a porn film! Then you get the title track which is the most beautiful three minute ballad that sends shivers down my spine. Soldierfield seem to cover all the bases so well and the fact they not only manage to sound relevant but also include the traditional feel of Rock & Metal from those far flung days when my belly didn't obscure my feet makes this reviewer a very happy one.

Soldierfield are another great UK band to add to the 'seriously, getting very long list of bands I need to check out live' I'm nearly thirty five years into my Rock & Metal musical journey, have been to hundreds of gigs and collected thousands of albums in that time and the fact that I am still so psyched to be hearing new bands of this quality proves to me, as if it needed proving, that I made the right choice back in late 1981 when my old school mate Simon said "Richard, have a listen to these albums!" Those albums were by AC/DC, Saxon, Whitesnake and Rush. That was the moment I became 'whole' and I've never looked back. Thank you Soldierfield for bringing that memory to the surface!

Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review Promo_20

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Soldierfield - Catharsis (2014) Album Review

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