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 Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review

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Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review Empty
PostFuryon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review

Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review Lost_s10

Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015)
Dream Records/Cargo Records (In The UK, Europe), Rock N Growl Promotion
US Release Dates to follow.
Running Time: 42:30


When I saw Furyon live at High Voltage Festival in 2011 I was hugely impressed and they ended up being one of the highlights of the weekend for me, I wasn't the only one. Their debut album Gravitas was a fabulous Rock album and Furyon were given huge amounts of coverage in the media, the general consensus being that they were the next 'big thing'. Now we've all seen that sort of coverage for bands before and it can work for or against you, 'The Answer' spring to mind as an amazing band who've never exploded quite like everyone thought they would. I mention all of this because after Gravitas, some touring aside, I personally didn't see many column inches for Furyon and it did go fairly quiet. Bear in mind I cannot follow every band I like constantly, I just get too much sent to me to review, but I did sort of wonder what happened to them!

Furyon's second album 'Lost Salvation' is now finally here and next month you'll be able to all find out if the wait was worth it! From my point of view it's an unequivocal YES! Furyon have released a follow up that's not only more mature, self assured and darker than Gravitas but they've managed to do it with the same amount of commercial clout that made the debut so talked about. 'Lost Salvation' contains ten tracks that could literally all be singles but that doesn't mean they lack any depth!

Opener 'All That I Have' sets the scene for a rip roaring near forty five minutes of great songs, vocals, musicianship, hooks and foot stomping goodness. Matt Mitchell's vocals are just what you want to hear on an album of this nature. Powerful, full of grit, completely and utterly on the ball tuning wise and full of emotion when needed. This man is a proper 'Rock' singer. It does gets a little more confusing when talking about guitarists though! Much is made in the attached blurb of Chris Green and Pat Heath both being world class guitarists. Chris indeed appears on 'Lost Salvation' (he's listed as a 'recording musician') and his soloing is absolutely masterful as you might expect it would be, but look at the band lineup and Luca Faraone and Tiago Rosado are listed as the Furyon guitarists. Lineup changes have taken place and I'm not sure in what capacity the two new guys were involved in the making of the album!

That aside, you just cannot fail to love with 'Lost Salvation if you're a fan of Rock music. Furyon manage to tip their collective hats to the past, present and future of the genre without sounding in anyway clichéd, both the title track and current single/video clip 'These Four Walls' are magnificent in style and content It's a rare album that immediately grabs your attention on first listen and still manages to get better with subsequent spins but 'Lost Salvation' achieves that with ease! As a fellow reviewing friend said to me only yesterday "It's a Classic British Rock Album" and I really couldn't say it any better than that!

Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review Furyon10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review :: Comments

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Furyon - Lost Salvation (2015) Album Review

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