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 Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review

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Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review Empty
PostFear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review

Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review Who_ca10

Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014)
Unsigned/ Rage PR/ USA Distribution - Tate Music Group
Running Time: 15:19


When I was sent Fear Me December's debut, four track EP 'Who Cares?' and saw that they were described as a female fronted "Power Trio", originally from Argentina, but now based in the UK two things came to mind! Firstly, moving Continent to further your goals is an extremely brave thing for any band to do, regardless of genre, so huge respect to them for that and secondly I thought their music might be a fairly interesting prospect. However, the words "Power Trio" somewhat misled my brain into thinking I might actually hear a 'Power Trio'. That isn't the case as Fear Me December are best described as Alternative Pop Rock and that's not a genre that I often review for Brutiful! I do review bands similar to them for my other writing job though, so have a general idea of the competition Fear Me December are up against in the UK and therein lies the problem because there are hundreds of bands of this nature vying for magazine space in Kerrang and Rock Sound Magazines!

Vocalist/Bassist Lintu Doll doesn't have a 'bad' voice but she typifies exactly what I'm not keen about with much Alternative Rock. Angsty, and a little droll, her voice could be interchanged with just about any other female in the genre and you wouldn't notice any difference. Lyrics are also very typical of this music. Pain, sorrow, woe, relationship issues, oh and did I mention pain and sorrow? First track 'Defiled' sums it up with the opening chorus line "I don't want to kill you, I just want to say goodbye"! It might be perfect fodder for a fanbase that will probably consist of mostly teen Download Festival fans who think it's 'edgy' and that Bring Me The Horizon and Black Veil Brides invented Metal, but It really would make a change if a band of this type could be a little more emotionally positive sometimes. Of course this is a personal gripe, but one that does niggle me quite a bit!

Generally, the band are all able musicians for the music they play and the production has been left fairly raw and live, which I do like because what you hear is very likely to be how the band will sound at your local pub/club. All four songs follow a similar path, a couple of twists here, a couple of turns there, but none are memorable at the end of playback! Fear Me December have made a big step by moving from Argentina to the UK and it would be fantastic if they could also take a step musically and break out of the standard 'Alt Rock' box mould because if they don't the probable answer they'll get when shouting "Who Cares?" is "er, not as many as you were hoping for"!

Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review Promo_19

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review :: Comments

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Fear Me December - Who Cares? EP (2014) Review

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