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 Walkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review

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Walkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review Empty
PostWalkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review

Walkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review Street10

Walkway - Streetwise (2014)
Self- Released --Running Time - 39:37


One of the first bands I ever had the pleasure of reviewing for Brutiful Metal Radio was UK Classic Rockers Walkway and their debut album 'Top Shelf Content' (2012). Well now I have album number two 'Streetwise', once again very kindly sent to me by Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist & Keyboard player Chris Ready!

If you want to read a little more about their early days then check out that review; however, quite a lot has happened to them since. Still playing an incredible amount of live shows every year they ended up supporting Status Quo at a gig in 2014 and the success of that has seen them asked back to perform more shows with Quo in the summer. If you already have both albums you should also notice a fairly big change in their sound as well. Undoubtedly still a Rock band the rough and ready style of the debut, in the vein of early Little Angels, has been replaced with a much more streamlined, dare I say commercial gloss. I suspect much of that is because Walkway are determined to succeed and have enlisted outside writers to collaborate on the songs to give them that chance!

Now of course, that can work for and against the band and, presently, it appears to be working very much in their favour. I also imagine they might well have lost a few of their earlier fans on the journey! Opener and title track 'Streetwise'' is a fabulous way to start and has a ridiculously catchy chorus. It is also the new single/video clip, which you can watch at the bands YouTube link below. All four members of Walkway, Chris, his brother James on Lead Guitar, Alex Rosedale on Bass and drummer Joe Evans are young and accomplished professionals, play their instruments with flair and appear perfectly happy with how things are progressing . It does need to be said though that 'Streetwise' the track, is arguably the rockiest song on the album and personally I think that's a shame!

I listen to all sorts of Rock music, from the quietist AOR, Blues and Prog to the heaviest Thrash, Death and Black Metal, but even I am surprised with the commercial pop sensibilities of several of these new songs. For instance 'This Love Will Last' sounds like it was recorded by Robbie Williams and 'I'm A Winner' (without the great guitar solo) could have been written for Robbie's other outfit Take That or similar boy band. They are still perfectly acceptable songs but are Walkway losing sight of being a Rock Band? I suppose I will have to go straight to them and ask! It also concerns me slightly that 'Streetwise' only achieves the forty minute running time with two acoustic versions of tracks already appearing on the album. They are also two of the more commercial songs, and as beautifully done as these versions are, it does thump home Walkway's intent on wanting to achieve a 'hit single'!

'Streetwise' is still a very good album, albeit an album full of potential singles, and Walkway's rise continues apace, but I wonder at what cost in the long run? Even though Brutiful is a US Radio Station and Walkway do seem to be aiming at a US market I fear this album could be far too 'bubblegum' for many of our listeners. Only time will tell!

Walkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review Walkwa10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Walkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Walkway - Streetwise (2014) Album Review

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