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 Reek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review

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Reign In Metal

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Reek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review Empty
PostReek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review

Reek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review Necrog10

Reek - Necrogenesis (2014)
Self-Released -- Running Time - 44:36


I know many will disagree with me on this but the Big4 of Thrash, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax, have never struck me as 'true' Thrash bands. I bought Kill 'Em All the day it came out and sure, it was the heaviest thing I had heard up until that point, but VERY soon afterwards I discovered Exodus, Destruction, etc. and that to me was the essence of true Thrash along with the other Bay Area and German bands. Metallica and Megadeth were always a different kettle of fish for me. Anthrax were very thrashy but they had large crossover appeal and Slayer always sounded more like a proto Death Metal band to me! I'm probably in a minority for saying that but it's important, in this instance, because Reek are described as a Thrash band by most, but I see them as a very different beast!

I already have their debut EP 'Rubbish Through Your Veins (2012), which I like a great deal, but 'Necrogenesis', the debut album, takes their sound a whole lot further into other realms of Metal. Formed in 2011 and from Sabadell in the Catalonia region of Spain, Reek are an extremely diverse five piece musically and you're never quite sure what is going to come next.

Opener 'The Sound Of Decadence' starts with a riff that Priest, Armored Saint or Grave Digger might use, then a wonderful running bass line starts. Before you know it, this particular song does indeed turn into a thrash beast and it's an excellent start to the album. Second track, the superbly titled 'Violent Winterlight' also starts off in a very thrashy way but, if you listen carefully, something else is happening. There are a myriad of time changes and it's much more akin to something from 'Ride The Lightning' or 'Master Of Puppets', almost progressive in nature. 'Hypochondriac' continues that feel and from then on all sorts of Progressive, Thrash, Classic, Death, Hardcore and Ambient Acoustic elements rear their collective heads at one time or another. It may sound like it is a fragmented album but it's most certainly not. Perhaps it's the region and country they come from that gives Reek a unique diversity, I really don't know! What I do know is that 'Necrogenesis' is a cracking album. I also think it is quite a cleverly titled album. 'Out of Death comes a new beginning' and Reek certainly seem to be striving for something new and different.

There appears to have been a change in drummer since the release last year but all five members on the album are excellent, they certainly pack a punch when they want to but the quieter moments prove real depth in musical ability! Reek and 'Necrogenesis' are well worth your time, effort and money, but guess what? You don't even have to buy the album because it is available to stream and download for free on their Bandcamp page. How's that for generous? I await album number two with a heightened sense of expectation!

Reek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review Reek_p10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Reek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Reek - Necrogenesis (2014) Album Review

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