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 Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review

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Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review Empty
PostBorn Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review

Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review Dead_w10

Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014)
Pure Steel Records -- Running Time - 41:10


Over the last year or so I have reviewed three previous releases for drummer Steve Dorssom. Firstly the R.I.P.SAW album, the Born Of Fire Demo (a precursor to the 'Dead Winter Sun' album) and also Born Of Fire's 'Anthology', which pretty much collected all of this band's previously recorded material. Born Of Fire are a 'Classic US Metal' band, from Arizona, in the vein of Queensryche, Iced Earth and Fates Warning. They have been on hiatus for about a decade and have released one previous album and an EP. If you read my review of the demo, which previewed some tracks from 'Dead Winter Sun', or indeed the review of 'Anthology' you'll know I was looking forward to hearing this new album in full! All in all, Born Of Fire have released a good album, that does bring to mind the bands mentioned above. Musically it's strong, and pretty dark and melancholic, although there is nothing wrong with that of course. A lot of people seem to be calling them a Power Metal band, well I don't think they are. They rely heavily on brooding atmosphere and melody!

I like Steve a lot, he's a great drummer and a nice guy, but I have to say I've been left a bit 'wanting' by 'Dead Winter Sun'. That's why I'm a bit late reviewing it because I was waiting to see if it grew on me! Firstly there seems to be something a little off about the mix of the album but I'm honestly finding it difficult to put my finger on what that is. After mentioning that the Demo was a bit light in the snare drum department, I had wanted the album, in full, to sound big and meaty and something is missing. It's nowhere near a bad sound but I wanted more!

Secondly, and unfortunately, my biggest concern with the album are the vocals of new singer Gordon Tittsworth! Now I know that Gordon has a good voice, on the demo his singing appeared fairly strong and I've heard him in other bands. That makes saying this all the more perplexing and sad, but there are several tracks on 'Dead Winter Sun' where he just doesn't sound good, especially in the higher range. 'Spiritual Warfare' is probably the track on which this occurs most noticeably. He sounds woefully flat and to say I was shocked was an understatement. I don't know if this is a result of the mix or whether Gordon just had a bad day but I certainly don't think I'm the only one who has noticed it! It's a real shame because there are some strong songs on this album, with great guitar, drum and bass work and when Born Of Fire get it right they sound very good but that doesn't happen enough. In my opinion, a stronger vocal performance would have lifted these tracks a couple of notches higher. I feel wretched saying it, but you know I don't lie when I'm reviewing, and have to 'say it as I hear it'!

So, 'Dead Winter Sun' isn't the comeback I was hoping for but we cannot absolutely love everything we hear. I'm just sorry to Steve and the rest of the band and hope they can understand that I'm just one very small wave amongst an ocean of opinion!

Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review Promo_15

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun (2014) Album Review

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