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 Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review

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Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review Empty
PostShredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review

Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review Death_10

Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015)
Mighty Music/Target -- Running Time: 40:39


It never ceases to amaze me in recent years how many countries and regions around the world appear to be getting a Rock & Metal scene and it fills me with hope! Many music listeners are stuck in their ways but people should begin moving away from the USA, UK and Mainland Europe and start discovering some of the wonderful bands and musicians in other areas!

One such case are Shredhead. Originally formed in 2009 out of Israel, Death Is Righteous' is their second album and it's a hugely impressive slab of Modern Thrash Metal with masses of groove. You're never quite sure what to expect when you put an album on for the first time and when the riff to first track 'Devils Race' kicks in, although it is hugely impressive and technical, I did wonder if Shredhead might just be a little heavy for my tastes with the blast beats and Aharon Ragoza's almost Death like vocals. However, within a couple of minutes, any worries I might have had were quickly dispelled when the first chorus arrived. Ragoza's voice bears a resemblance to Phil Anselmo in singing mode and with the music slowing and hitting groove mode it all became massively enjoyable.

That song and the following two 'LPBZ' and 'The Lie' are very heavy, murderously quick and are over in almost a flash without room to breathe. It certainly hits you like an anvil in the stomach. But...when fourth track 'Last Words Are Lost' comes bulldozing out of the speakers in a much more restrained, and catchy manner, my head was banging instantly and this is the point where 'Death Is Righteous' absolutely hits its stride. Shredhead suddenly start using all means of tempo to pull in the listener and it works a treat. Pantera, Kreator, Testament and even Black Sabbath spring to mind, as well as a slew of more modern bands with excellent production from Tue Madsen (Aborted, The Haunted).

Guitarist Yotam Nagor is a technical wizz with the riffs and soloing, Lee Lavy's bass work fills in the gaps beautifully and is heavy as lead and Roee Kahana thunders around the drums like a man infected with rabies. This four piece mean business and if to prove the point they have recently relocated to Berlin to obtain more promotion and a wider audience. It's a wise move because I imagine that Israel wouldn't perhaps be the best place to gig regularly and get your music heard in other countries!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how Shredhead develop and grow over the next couple of years and will be following them with interest. 'Death Is Righteous' is my first reviewed album with a 2015 release date and it bodes well for another cracking year in heavy music!

Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review Promo_11

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review :: Comments

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Shredhead - Death Is Righteous (2015) Album Review

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