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 Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review

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Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review Empty
PostEldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review

Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review 610

Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014)
Scarlet Records -- Running Time: 53:32


Eldritch have returned in 2014 with their ninth studio album 'Tasting The Tears' and If you're already a fan of this Italian band (as I am) then you'll be pleased to hear that it maintains the standard they have set themselves over the last two decades. They may have had some lineup changes over the years and explored new musical directions but Eldritch have always produced very good albums. If you're unfamiliar with them then Progressive & Melodic Metal, in the vein of Fates Warning, Queensryche, DGM, Silent Force, Threshold and Royal Hunt, is the way forward and 'Tasting The Tears' would be as good a place to start your collection as anything else they've released! It also sees them return to the more melodic, slightly more complex based sound of their earlier albums as opposed to the heavier, thrashier style that has been heard more recently!

However, there are a couple of minuses with this album, so I'm going to try and address everything. Vocalist Terence Holler is the standout band member here. He has a fairly unique, powerful and vibrato heavy voice which has always given Eldritch an individual touch but the vocals, on this otherwise excellently produced and mastered album, do sound high in the mix, and along with the keyboards they mask the sound of guitars during the verse and some chorus segments. Quality of songwriting is consistent in the sense that every song should definitely be on the album but the running could have been tweaked slightly as the order does lose steam, just slightly, in its second half. An example would be that Eldritch have chosen to end the album with admittedly a very good ballad version of Queensryche's 'I Will Remember' but that should appear earlier as it ends the album on too much of a downbeat note!

I suppose though that I'm really clutching at straws because this is still a fine album. Eugene Simone's lead guitar work, which can be heard, is wonderful, Gabriele Caselli's keyboards sound exquisite and there is some very solid drumming from Raffahell Dridge. My favourite songs are the opening three. Opener 'Inside You' has one of those thumping mid pace riffs that I adore, 'Tasting The Tears' is more uptempo but equally as good and 'Alone Again' a quieter song, that has a very Randy Rhoads feel to the guitar work. Considering Eldritch have been around as long as they have it's a shame that they are still a fairly underground name but it's testament to their will and passion that twenty years on they are still recording an album as good as 'Tasting The Tears'!

Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review Eldrit10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Eldritch - Tasting The Tears (2014) Album Review

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