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 Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review

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Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review Empty
PostButcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review

Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review Uncove10

Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014)
Century Media -- Running Time: 13:23


So what I appear to be reviewing here is 'GN'R Lies' by Guns N' Roses...oh, hold on a minute! Sorry about that, apparently it's not 'GN'R Lies', I just didn't look at the cover art properly!

Yeah, I know that was a bad joke but just take a look at this artwork and then compare it to the Guns N' Roses release from 1988! Either someone in the Butcher Babies camp has ripped it off in the hope that no BB fan will have heard of Axl Rose, Slash & Duff or, as I suspect is the case, this is a homage to that other cover. Apart from the fact they are almost identical in look, even certain words, stories and placements on this new five track Butcher Babies EP make clever references to it. It's also cleverly ironic that this EP is called 'Uncovered'! Firstly because all five tracks are actually cover versions, one chosen by each member of the band, and secondly because Butcher Babies got most of their early 'exposure' (pun intended) from the fact that both vocalists, Heidi Shepherd & Carla Harvey, cavorted around stage nearly naked and only in the last few months have they actually stopped doing that!

This is obviously a marketing ploy, as was the bands early look because it gave them oodles of publicity and they appeared on the front cover of just about every Rock & Metal magazine in print. So now we know Butcher Babies have got clever business heads (Gene Simmons would be proud) but is the music on the EP worth it?

When I reviewed their debut album 'Goliath' last year, their overtly sexual look aside, I was actually pretty impressed with the result but 'Uncovered' can really only be looked upon as a stop gap release while we await album number two. At just over thirteen minutes in length it's over almost as soon as it's begun and the chosen tracks are an odd collection!

Kicking off with ZZ Top's 'Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers' it sounds and feels like Butcher Babies have just gone into the studio for a couple of days and had a laugh. There is nothing here of any substance. Further covers by Napolean XIV, Suicidal Tendencies, S.O.D. and The Osmonds (yes, they've covered Crazy Horses) don't tell me anything new or make me want to press the play button again!

As you can tell from the amount of time I've spent describing the business side of things compared to the actual content, this EP does exactly what it sets out to do and that's keep the Butcher Babies name on everybody's lips until a new album is released in 2015. Clever? No, it's not clever, it's bloody genius!

Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review Butche10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review :: Comments

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Butcher Babies - Uncovered EP (2014) Review

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