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 enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review

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enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review Empty
PostenkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review

enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review Tears_10

enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014)
Self-Released -- Running Time 42:14


I've noticed in recent months the increase of female members in bands and I'm not just talking about vocalists or bass players. Of course some of that will have to do with the amount of acts I'm now reviewing but it is very pleasing to see talented women play their instruments just as well, sometimes better, than the men!

London based enkElination also contain a female and even though this band are relying on the more tried and tested formula of an operatically trained singer, they still have much to offer the listener! Finnish, former opera singer, Elina Siirala is the lady in question and it is her first name and the Finnish word for angel 'enkeli' that help form the name of this band.

Only formed in late 2011, enkElination released a three track EP in 2012 (which I have already) so I was interested to hear what they had done with the debut album 'Tears Of Lust' This genre is very overcrowded and musically enkElination aren't doing anything particularly different, although they use much less orchestration than say, Within Temptation or Nightwish. What they do have is Elina and whilst you can hear she is a trained singer, she thankfully refrains from going 'full opera' on most of the album preferring to hold back, beautifully, and use a proper singing voice. On only one song does that approach become much more noticeable (during the chorus of 'Lullaby) and it's my least favourite track on the album because of it!

Before you all shout at me for not liking opera, well, I never said that. In fact I studied opera history in music at school and went to watch many incredible performances in London, but plenty of vocalists, when they move into a Rock or Metal background, force their voices terribly, or just plain aren't good enough and I've heard some real howlers. On that basis, Elina is certainly one of the best I've heard in her genre and 'Tears Of Lust' is a very convincing debut certainly equalling other debuts from much more established groups!
Of course, the rest of the band (Shadow, Alisdair & Ben) shouldn't be forgotten and some engaging and catchy music has been written, but the singer is the main focus here and her melodies take everything a few notches up the ladder. Had a lesser vocalist been used, then much of this would be considered standard fare and lost in a myriad of others doing a similar thing!

I don't want, or intend, to sound too harsh though, let's not forget enkElination are a newish band and you can certainly hear the promise. If they can find something musically more inventive to compete with the vocals then they could be onto something special. Having said that 'Tears Of Lust' is still very good!

enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review Enkeli10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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enkElination - Tears Of Lust (2014) Album Review

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