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 Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review

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Reign In Metal
Reign In Metal

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Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review Empty
PostSkull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review

Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review Chasin10

Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014)
NoiseArt Records -- Running Time 35:20


I'm going to be on a mission over the coming few weeks to catch up on some albums that were released earlier this year that deserve a review from me. As you can probably imagine, I get sent a vast amount of material to listen to and there are only so many hours in the day!

Canadians Skull Fist released their second album 'Chasing The Dream' back in January but it only started to hit my CD player about six weeks ago! Having not heard their first album 'Head Of The Pack' (2011) I wasn't sure what to expect. Whatever I was expecting, inside my brain, didn't materialise though. I actually got something at least ten times better! Skull Fist are a New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) band, similar to Cauldron, Enforcer, 3 Inches of Blood and Bullet, but they also, to my ears, inject a huge swathe of US Metal swing from bands such as Slaughter and Vinnie Vincent Invasion! Much of that is to do with vocalist Jackie Slaughter, who sings in a higher register than many women, but unlike some vocalists who do that, he is ultra powerful and perfectly in tune. Skull Fist also manage to write thoroughly infectious tunes that I just cannot stop moving to.

What you get on 'Chasing The Dream' are nine tracks and thirty five minutes of utter brilliance. Thunderous drumming and bass plus some of the most tantalising guitar work I've heard from a band in this genre! It's upbeat, thrilling and reminds me, so much, why I love proper Metal! The PR Blurb says lyrical concept of the album is 'Shakespeare. Act II'. but I couldn't care less. Skull Fist could be singing about their shopping lists and it would still be superb! Every song here screams (in a very high voice) quality! Skull Fist are the real deal and I suggest everyone goes and gets skull fisted today! Of course, I mean musically, I wouldn't possibly suggest getting skull fisted any other way!

Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review Skull_10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream (2014) Album Review

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