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 In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review

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Reign In Metal
Reign In Metal

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In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review Empty
PostIn Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review

In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review The_wo10

In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014)
Raging Demon Entertainment -- Running Time 48:00


In Search Of Sun are a brand new name, but not a brand new band. Formerly known as Driven, I saw these guys gig a couple of times in 2011-2012 and was extremely impressed with their live performances and demo. However, when their EP 'A Breakdown Of Character' (2012) was released (one of the first things I wrote about as a reviewer), I was pretty disappointed and the following quote is from that review;

Quote :
"It’s a shame because it’s all very well played and the guitar work really stands out, particularly on the final track ‘Uproar’, but the power Driven produce live has just not been carried over to this release. If the band can write some slightly catchier songs and get a much fuller production then a full length album, if and when they release one, might well be worth checking out. ‘A Breakdown Of Character’ is certainly not terrible but I was hoping for so much more".

Well, hit me with a tank, but now armed with a new name, they've only gone and done exactly what I said they should do with their first album 'The World Is Yours'. In fact, this is far more than just a few tweaks, this is almost a complete reinvention and is easily one of the best debuts I've heard this year! Driven were a mostly Metalcore band, albeit a good one, but as In Search Of Sun they've added more melody, progression, catchiness, ambience and style to their heavy sound (just check out that fab cover artwork as well) and I can totally understand why they've chosen to start again because they have matured beyond belief! Production is also spot on this time around courtesy of Phil Kinman (Deadly Circus Fire, Tank) and mastered beautifully by Harry Hess (Cancer Bats).

Vocalist Adam Leader has completely found his own style rather than trying to emulate James Hetfield and his voice has improved immeasurably, Faz Couri's bass is now completely audible and sounds like a thunderclap, the guitar duo of Rory Kay and David Mena Ferrer, who were always superb, have stepped it up another notch. They have the clarity and precision of Scar Symmetry's Per Nillson and you know full well when I mention Per then I like very much! Only drummer Sean Gorman is a new name to me this time around, but his fabulous rhythms and great backing vocals complete what has become an incredibly solid and talented lineup.

'The World Is Yours' is full to the brim with ten cracking tracks. Fading quietly in with the opening title track shows confidence but also cleverness because when the main riff hits, and hits hard, it's not one you're going to forget in a hurry. It's instantly lodged in your head and should have a crowd jumping up and down like they're on pogo sticks such is its bounciness! '51 56', 'Idle Crown', 'Burn', 'To The Axe'...the list is endless of brilliance, but my favourite track is the more ballad driven (excuse pun) 'Skin' which has a vocal melody of utter perfection.

I am honestly stoked that these guys have returned with such a strong album and seeing that they have recently been added to The Rock & Metal Circus Festival lineup in September means I'll be getting a wonderful opportunity to hear some of these songs in a live setting. In Search Of Sun...remember that name because they are going to blow you away and 'The World Is Yours' is an album you've got to hear!

In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review In_sea10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours (2014) Album Review

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