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 Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review

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Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review Empty
PostOur Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review

Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review Pariah10

Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014)
Eclipse Records -- Running Time: 74:55


Based in New South Wales, Australia, Our Last Enemy have returned with their sophomore album 'Pariah' and it's a rip roaring ride of Modern, Industrial sounding Metal. Apart from a few bands and some of the old guard that refused to be swung by changing attitudes, 90's Metal & Rock didn't really do it for me. It was a very barren time for the music I love, but some of the bands formed in more recent years have taken elements of that 90's sound, mixed it up with a more traditional feel and brought it bang up to date and for me, at least, that's what I think Our Last Enemy have done here and what I like about them!

They aren't just an Industrial Metal band though. Yes, there are samples and keyboards, it's very dark, almost gothic in places and it could be used as a film soundtrack, but those elements are not thrust right to the fore as some Industrial/Gothic bands do. Scything riffs, some bulldozer drumming and evil vocals play equal billing and it makes for an intriguing listen. Of course my love of Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Post Apocalyptic films and books have also played a part in why I like this band as they very cleverly use their soundscapes and lyrics to evoke a certain haunting feel.

Not everyone will love the harsh vocals of Oliver Fogwell and 'Pariah' is a long album, so to appreciate it all in one listen depends on how you feel at the time, but there is plenty here to suggest Our Last Enemy have stumbled upon an element of this genre, that rather than leaving me cold makes me come back to discover more! You don't always have to supply influences of other bands when writing, but I suppose it does help a target audience so I'll say that if you mixed Static-X with Meta-Stasis you would be somewhere close to what Our Last Enemy are all about

Jeff Ritchie's keyboards and samples are very much a highlight on 'Pariah', even though they aren't always 'in your face'. He has created some very atmospheric sounds that set this band apart from many of their peers. You might also recognise guitarist Bizz from his tenure in Genitorturers. I could never really connect with them though and I prefer what he is doing here. Our Last Enemy are completed by bassist Matt Heywood and drummer Zot Cillia. Drums do sound a little computerised but given the style of music it isn't an issue. You know me though, I do always like instruments to sound as real as possible!

As mentioned above this is a long album and to finish 'Pariah' with three remixes, as good as they are, might have been the wrong decision. I think these should have been left for a separate EP release but, they really do bring the Industrial elements to the fore and add another string to an impressive repertoire. Production, by ex Fear Factory member Christian Olde Wolbers, is also extremely good and the experience with his previous band has stood Our Last Enemy in good stead when recording this!

If you limit yourself to one genre of metal then you might struggle to appreciate what's going on here, but if you're happy to adapt and embrace different styles then Our Last Enemy should be on your list of bands to check out because this is very good!

Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review Our_la10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Our Last Enemy - Pariah (2014) Album Review

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