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 Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review

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Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review Empty
PostDarkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review

Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review Dragon10

Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014)
Darkyra Black/Rock N Growl Promotion -- Running Time: 67:56


Darkyra Black is a new Project/Band put together by female vocalist Darkyra Black (Gina Bafile) and a large group of talented musicians. You could place it squarely in the Female fronted, Symphonic/Melodic/Gothic genre along with bands such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Amberian Dawn etc and also liken it to some of the bands who, from time to time, utilise guest female singers, such as Kamelot!

Darkyra herself does have a very good voice, although her vibrato is a little overpowering at times, and thankfully doesn't employ the Operatic side of it too much (There is nothing wrong with Opera style vocals, but it's been done to death recently), preferring to utilise a more musical theatre approach with some Medieval and Middle Eastern elements! Darkyra is based in Perth, Australia and is joined on 'Dragon Tears' by most of the band Achillea who back her (in fact you might well recognise drummer Garry King's name as he is also part of the fabulous band Exorcism) and several other classical string players!'

'Dragon Tears' is a Gothic, Geisha style concept album about love, lust, betrayal, loss and tragedy and there is no doubt that everyone involved is extremely talented and that the compositions are very good, but the Musical Theatre approach to this album is also a curse! This is another long album, nearly 70 minutes, and, due to the subject matter, also full of fairly slow songs that evoke sadness and despair. As such, I don't want to be listening to it on a CD, I actually want to go and watch it in the Theatre, because I think there is a good story here and that concept would work superbly. On CD I find it very tough to sit through this in one go and actually think of this more as a sort of metal 'Les Miserables', which as a piece of Theatre is outstanding, but I cannot listen to the Soundtrack of that either for the same reasons!

Of course there are doubtless many fans of the above named genres who will fall in love with 'Dragon Tears' and it does offer a variation on a much over saturated market but in this abode it will probably only get played when I'm in a fairly reflective mood, during the middle of winter and sat by a roaring fire! If you told me, however, this was going to be turned into a full production then I would be there like a shot.

Darkyra Black are already working on album number two and I am very much looking forward to hear what they come up with next as this is brilliantly executed, I think it's just executed in the wrong way!

Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review Darkyr10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Darkyra Black - Dragon Tears (2014) Album Review

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