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 E-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review

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Reign In Metal

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E-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review Empty
PostE-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review

E-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review E-forc10

E-Force - The Curse... (2014)
Mausoleum Records/Rock 'N' Growl Promotion -- Running Time: 59:39


'The Curse...' is the third album from ex Voivod frontman and bassist Eric Forrest's band E-Force (Eric's nickname). It is my first introduction to the band, shame on me, and is an hour of blistering Heavy Metal and Thrash. Eric, was of course, in the Voivod lineup for two albums 'Negatron' and Phobos' and his pretty unique sound is hugely distinctive on this release!

Even though there are certainly some Vovodisms present, mainly due to the vocals, E-Force present a style of Metal that will definitely appeal to a wider audience. This is full on pounding Metal, with Speed and Thrash overtones and is a thing of beauty Joining Forrest in this current lineup are 'XAV' on guitars and 'KROF' on drums and the three of them display some pretty incredible musicianship. There are also three guests in the shape of Glen Drover (Megadeth), Kristian Niemann (Therion) and Vincent Agar (Yotangor), so, as you can imagine, this album bristles with enough guitar wizardry to make any shredder with erectile problems not need Viagra! Some of the soloing here is just brilliant. Put that together with a long list of hugely catchy and neck snapping tunes and you have a winning combination!

Eric has written all the music and lyrics here and the album carries an interesting theme, albeit a slightly tongue in cheek one, about how the power of the female, whether through intelligence or sexuality, can manipulate you to further their own ambitions! After the sweaty and sexually charged intro 'Invitation', opener 'Perverse Media' hits the speakers and it's like watching a Director's cut of Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone keeps her legs open for the whole movie (i.e. 'The ride of your life)!

If you can accept Forrest's unusual, harsh delivery , which might put some purists off (It reminds me of Devin Townsend mixed with Tom G Warrior and I love it), then you really won't go wrong with 'The Curse...'. It's like a mix of Judas Priest and fellow Canadians Annihilator & Strapping Young Lad on steroids! Once again, for an album in 2014, there are no weak links as far as I can hear! As for my favourite track, well that has to be 'Serpent's Kiss' with it's insane guitar solos and brilliant riffs and song title of the album goes to the almost title track 'Curse Of The Cunt' which sums up everything that has gone before!

For anyone who loves any of the above mentioned bands and great music then go and immerse yourself in 'The Curse...'! You might even understand women a little better after doing so, although I very much doubt it!

E-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review E-forc11

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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E-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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E-Force - The Curse... (2014) Album Review

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