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 Fisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review

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Reign In Metal

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Fisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review Empty
PostFisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review

Fisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review Infall10

Fisthammer - Infallible (2014)
Self-Released/Clawhammer PR -- Running Time 45:22


First things first, I don't usually review music this crushingly heavy due to the prominence of blast beats which really do nothing for me, and I wasn't due to review Fisthammer's sophomore album 'Infallible' (we have someone else who normally does them). With them unavailable it has been left to me to say a few words but I do have one thing going in my favour. I already have 'Devour All You See', the debut album from Fisthammer in my collection because I actually quite liked it! With that in mind here we go!

In my opinion, if ever there was a band whose name describes them perfectly then Fisthammer are that band. This is pulverising, Technical Death Metal, played with a staggering amount of talent and it still amazes me, even two years on from the debut, that this lot are only a three piece. Perhaps it's because this genre is not something I listen to much that I actually find Fisthammer pretty refreshing in a weird sort of way. Some people listen to this sort of music all the time and there isn't any way I could do that but if you feel the need for your face to be pulverised into a pulp every once in a while then you'll not go wrong putting 'Infallible' on your stereo!

Two bands who spring to mind when listening to this are Nile and Biomechanical. There is structure to the songs but it comes across as a sort of organised chaos. Vocalist/Guitarist Max Svalgard has a style of harsh delivery that also doesn't always sit comfortably within my musical spectrum but you cannot argue with the venom he uses, however, his guitar work is absolutely superb. Riffs come at you like a bulldozer on steroids, but when it does appear, his solo and acoustic work is beautiful. Bassist/Backing Vocalist John McCarthy's work sounds like a buzzsaw. It has to because he is filling for the lack of a second guitarist and it works. As for drummer Danny Piselli, well any remaining gaps are filled superbly by feet and hands that are inhumanly quick, I am assuming he's using triggers though because it sounds a tad computerised and too perfect in places (please let me know if I am wrong Danny!)

As mentioned earlier this album is full of blasting but it is that tight that you cannot help having a bit of a soft spot for it. BUT....when Fisthammer do bring the pace down, which to be fair they do on most songs even if it is sometimes only briefly, then I'm suddenly in my musical space and 'Infallible' becomes a full on joy to listen to!

This isn't an album or band that get many spins in my house due to the content but that's just down to personal preference and nothing to do with the quality of the musicians or songs. For any lovers of Technical Death Metal with insane amounts of talent then Fisthammer are a band to check out and I have no hesitation scoring this highly!

Fisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review Fistha10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Fisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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Fisthammer - Infallible (2014) Album Review

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