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 Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review

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Reign In Metal

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Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review Empty
PostHuntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review

Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review Starbo10

Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013)
Napalm Records -- Running Time 43:35


When the Huntress train started to pick up steam in 2012 and we were inundated with interviews and pictures of Jill Janus in various states of undress plastered across most of the Metal press, as if she was the only member of the band, my feelings were very similar to how I felt on first seeing and hearing about the Butcher Babies. Sex sells, but I thought it was all a bit too much. My feelings haven't changed regarding that particular way of promoting a band, but whereas the Butcher Babies backed up the sex with a very good debut album, I was left utterly unmoved by the debut Huntress album 'Spell Eater' and thought it one of the biggest letdowns of the year! Of course it still sold by the truckload, and even though I couldn't agree, established the band very quickly!

Sophomore album 'Starbound Beast' actually came out little more than a year after the debut, and a new album is expected later in 2014, but it's taken me until now to review purely because it's not been at the top of my list and something else always overtakes it. Having finally got around to listening to it numerous times over the past few weeks I can say two things. Firstly it is a better album than 'Spell Eater' but secondly, it's still extremely average and I just cannot see what all the fuss is about apart from Miss Janus possessing a pair of tits that she's willing to show everyone at the drop of a hat!

Once intro 'Enter The Exosphere' was out of the way I wanted Huntress to show me what they could really do and...BANG!! it just doesn't happen. Production sounds sterile, empty and quiet. Even though the songs riff along and everything appears to be in the correct place, and I will admit there are 'some' good guitar solos, a big something is missing and that is heart and passion. Huntress seem to be throwing every heavy metal cliché at the listener but without fire and belief. It's painting by numbers metal and after the album finishes the only thing I ever remember is the chorus to 'I Want To Fuck You To Death'. That's only because the title alone has got that particular track played more than others on internet radio and I've heard it more.

Guitarists Blake Meahl & Anthony Crocamo, bassist Ian Alden and drummer Carl Wierzbicky might as well not be there as they are pushed so far back in the mix and to be blunt they could be interchanged with hundreds of other people and you wouldn't notice any difference. This is 'The Jill Show' and Huntress feel like a group cobbled together for the masses so that the lead singer can be dribbled over by teenagers and sex-starved middle aged men! I do prefer their new logo but the music is going to have to get much better before I join the throng of 'fans'. Another big disappointment!

Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review Huntre10

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Huntress - Starbound Beast (2013) Album Review

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