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 Born of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013) Album Review

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Born of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013) Album Review Empty
PostBorn of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013) Album Review

Born of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013) Album Review Boo350

Born Of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die ∆live  
Sumerian Records -- Running time: 30:53

Born of Osiris is a relatively new band from Chicago whose previous efforts "A Higher Place" and "The Discovery" both broke into the lower half of the Billboard 100 with a burgeoning promise to wave the flag of new progressive American metal.  

Fortunately these guys hit their highest chart yet on the Billboard 100 landing in at 27 with their latest offering "Tomorrow We Die Alive."  Yes, metal is still alive if you didn't notice Black Sabbaths "13" landing at the number one position a couple months ago. "Machine" was the first YouTube single they released through Sumerian Records with their signature Alex Gray imagery of transcendentalism new age star surfing kaleidoscopic ancient aliens conveyance.   Machine lyrically is a great introspective question of our dependence on technology and the mindless drones staring at their smart phones and ignoring the humanity around them.  The guitar parts are insane, and almost too perfect, sweeping, symbiotic harmonic solos abound.  Just straight crunch for the rhythm section which is a good thing.  The only part I have to reconcile is the use of keys with this band.  Some bands can make it happen some can't, I think it's a little too upfront, but most of the kids will love this.  I felt like I was playing Skyrim for a second when "Machine" came on.   Great song, but it borderlines on flirting with "Dub step" a la "The Browning," if you've ever had the chance to see those dudes live.    

"Divergency," another single, begins as a grooving light-mosh-riff like some old school Pantera power groove,  then the "Twilight Zone" keyboards come in and change the dynamic.  Not too bad, but not Josh Silver either. The vocals follow shortly, a mid-gurgles growl and a light screamer  trading off back and forth.  Wait Till 1:22 you really get the feel of a vocal harmony when these guys show off what they are doing.  Its heavy, ambient, melodic and brutal all at the same time.  With varying pithy statements on social commentary from a lyrical standpoint.  As I type this, and keep hitting replay, you know the more you listen to this shit the more you appreciate it.  I don't think the older generation gives enough respect to the rising tide of young bangers (i.e. Bring me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria)  Certainly its different, I mean, hey they brought back choreographed head banging.  It's all very cyclical but watch out For Born Of Osiris, they are on tour now and I'm betting dime bags to doughnuts  these guys crush live.

This review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Paul Jackson

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Born of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Born of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013) Album Review

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