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 Issued statement to clear up some bullshit on us!

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Reign In Metal
Reign In Metal

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Issued statement to clear up some bullshit on us! Empty
PostSubject: Issued statement to clear up some bullshit on us!   Issued statement to clear up some bullshit on us! I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 1:50 pm

January 19, 2013

It has been brought to our attention, numerous times over the last several months, that a company we used to work for is talking shit about us and does not want to "drop the swords". Let me just set these allegations straight right now!!

Yes, we live in a trailer. And yes we get food stamps, but NO cash assistance, as I feel that would be fraudulent behavior, although under their guidelines, we would be able to recieve.

I don't understand how: A - where we live OR B -how we feed ourselves, bears ANY weight on our characters or the quality of our work , unless it's not up to your own judgemental, uppity "high standards". Bobby worked for a small cab company, 12 hrs. per day, as that was the only job he could acquire in Alabama, a region simply devoid of jobs, he was lucky to have that one for the few years we lived there, until we moved back to Louisiana following the recent death of his father, to take care of his blind mother and help with her debts incurred due to the funeral expenses.

And due to my own graves disease, lupus, spinal issues and other various medical conditions, I can not work and I have been trying to get on SSI for some time now and my case is currently being appealed. DeAnna herself has various heart conditions, COPD and other medical issues that do not allow her to work a normal job either, and we are both VERY grateful to my husband for all that he does for the both of us!

We will continue to strive to do the very best in carrying the "torch of metal", something we are VERY passionate about, without being paid any money at all. Yet, we still find the opportunity to pay all of our bills AND pay our radio station's royalty fee's to the bands we play on our radio station.

With that being said, IF there is anybody, who feels that we are not up to their standards and will not allow us to help you or your business, because of these circumstances, please, let us know, we will stop promoting, playing your music and everything else we do for your bands at once!! Feel free to remove yourself from our friends list and that will solve the problem. But the continued shit talking and trying to "put us down" because of this needs to stop at once.

IF you refuse to stop the cycle of hate and drama, I will be forced to tell EVERYTHING I know about EACH of you. I do have emails and such to back this up!! Do NOT tempt me, as I have been biting my tongue FAR too long!!! Ya'll KNOW who ya are!!!

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Issued statement to clear up some bullshit on us!
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